Sci-Fi short film.

Terrorism has made international travel virtually, but now with Twenty Minute Very Exotic Getaways you can see the world via augmented reality, but is there more to this A.I. experience than meets the eye?


Between Wars: filming

Feature Film with Michael Imperioli. Hollis Sherman-Pepe, co-producer with D.O.P.E Productions.

A Marine grapples with PTSD from the war in Afghanistan and fights to keep his head above water as an underground fighter for a drug king-pin in The Bronx. The fight for freedom is a long road.

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Experimental Short Film.

Best Picture winner, Two wins Best Visual Effects, Best Experimental film,  Best Score.   7 Official Selections.

This is a mixed media film examining a man coping with loss. Is there a difference in the value of imagined thoughts and perceived memory? Painting is the only salvation for the protagonist. He searches for meaning after the death of his wife, a war photojournalist. Art is therapy to quiet the demons of the mind.


***   Please watch this film with headphones or surround sound.  This film is an "Audio Experience".

OPUS INCOMPLETAM:  Post Production

Thriller. Short Form.  

Farmer's Daughter Productions in collaboration with Playa Productions



Escaping from a radical religious cult is Angela's only chance to expose the murder and cannibalism she experienced on Sun Rise Farms.  Her fear of the outside world leads her into a trap.  Who do you turn to when your attacker is your "family" and the outside world feels like a forgotten memory?



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Romantic Comedy

A quirky, modern love story where two people with deeply guarded secrets embark on a wild 24 hour first date.

Using humor, hash oil, and fear to their advantage the couple makes an epic attempt to open their hearts. Regardless of their adventure, the secrets they keep could stand in the way of true growth. Will RYE and STARR succeed in summoning their strength and bravery?


8 AWARDS INCLUDING : Audience Juried Best Picture, 3 Best Actress, Best New Film Maker, Best Female Filmmaker. 9 OFFICIAL SELECTIONS in Film Festivals across the U.S. as a dramatic short film.

This film is a twisted love story featuring a relationship well past it's expiration date.  After JAY is accidentally murdered, KELLY aspires to keep the relationship alive with his corpse. 

How does one say goodbye when they are not ready to let go?  This conundrum is relatable to many people, but in this circumstance, the relatable aspect rides a fine line with the abnormal. 

Body Art

Up for festival consideration

Drama - short

Two teens are about to go all the way for the first time. Before they do, Lia shares her secret with Travis. Depression and cutting is common amongst teens and nothing to be ashamed of. These teens discover the importance of sharing and being supportive.



GREEN PIECE -  currently filming.

Comedy Series 

A Good Dudes Production  and Farmer's Daughter Production

A quirky comedy series about a dope smoking group of friends that are "kind of famous", but still living with their parents in North East Philadelphia. Green Piece is filled with laugh out loud shenanigans and chalk full of stand up comedian guest stars.


Unstuck: Festival submissions in progress.

Sci-Fi Short form.

Fro-Life Pictures in Association with Farmer's Daughter Productions



JACOB MORROW is not like you or I. Due to forces beyond his understanding he finds himself slipping between different lives that he might have lived. His world is constantly shifting around him and he is powerless to control it much like a feather caught in the wind.


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